Benidorm is a town located on the coast of Spain in the province of Valencia. It covers an area of over twenty three miles and has a population of sixty-five thousand residents. Benidorm is composed of two seperate halves. One is called Poniente, and the other is Levante. Each of these sections has a beach section that goes by the same name. A rocky swath of land divides these two sections, and older parts of the city can be viewed here. Most of the tourist attractions and hotels occupy the area to the rear of the beaches. A couple of miles from the shorline is a small uninhabited island. From its viewpoint a marvelous view of the city can be had from here. This city also has a large number of skyscrapers which mark the skyline. This has earned the city the title, “Manhattan of Spain”.

Benidorm offers a richly diverse collection of entertainment venues for people of all ages. This city has four of the biggest theme parks in all of Europe, a casino, variety shows, cabaret bars, discos, and hotels. Benidorm also has a couple of major beaches. One is the Poniente Beach and the other the Levante Beach. These two beaches are consistently receiving the prestigious European Blue Flag awards for quality of services and water.

Benidorm has some of the most magnificent theme and water parks in the world. One of these is the Terra Mitica Fun Park. This theme park is equipped with death defying rides and roller coasters such as the Magnus Colossus, The Flight of the Phoenix, Inferno and The Tizona. This park also has shows that chronicle the history of the Mediterranean. These include depictions of ancient Rome and Iberia. This park also features belly dancers, jugglers and world class restaurants.

Another hot destination in Benidorm is the Aqualandia Water Park. This park offers over twenty exciting water rides, many of which are the most popular in all of Europe. Mundomar is another tourist friendly park. This is a marine park where visitors can experience sea lions, dolphin and parrot shows. There is also a children’s park located on the premises. The last theme park in Benidorm is the Terra Natura.

Benidorm also has some of the most interesting and elaborate shows in all of Europe. One of the most colorful is the Benidorm Palace. Here visitors can enjoy fine dining while watching feather clad performers in incredible dance numbers. Another theater venue is the Ritch Bitch. This is an adult theme nightclub that features nightly comedy shows. Other cabaret locations in the city include The Town, Stardust and the Talk Of The Coast.

For those who want to get a closer look at nature than there is the Aitana Safari Park. Here is your chance to get a close up view of animals such as elephants, lions and tigers. This safari park is located about twenty miles inlad from Benidorm. Another popular safari park is the Vergel Safari Park. This is a drive through safari park where animals such as lions, tigers and wolves can come right up to the car. The last wildlife park of merit is Cactuslandia. This is a garden that has over six thousand square feet of cacti, over one thousand different species in all.

Benidorm is also known for its world class shopping venues. For those who are looking for formal or casual wear might want to check out such venues as Avenida Uno, Base, Cool, Macedonia and Zara. There are also a number of jewelers which include Di Marco, Joya Oro and Joyeria Amor. Other shops that aren’t easily categorized are shops such as Ale Hop, Bermay and Delfos. Popular restaurants in the city include Kataria Restaurant, Agir Restaurant, The Internationale and Aitena.